Over the past three weeks, I have been working on a series of week-long models with a partner from my studio, Charlie Gaidica.  All three of the models were inspired in some way by the goings on in Design Lab 1.  Now that the series is over, we will be sharing them and showing how their development was influenced by this wonderful space! Enjoy!

All three of the projects incorporate the same programmatic elements in different sites.  Our group was tasked with designing a performance space and the first site was at the South Thayer Street Parking Garage in downtown Ann Arbor.  The required materials and techniques to use for this model were museum board, foam core, scale figures and surface overlays and furnishings at 1/4″ = 1′ scale.

The plastics animal toys seen above were found at Design Lab 1 along with feathers and felt as well as other materials with very specific textures and characteristics.

Chen Gaidica Garage Sale model

The intervention we developed combined the programmatic elements of a gift shop and performance space wherein the audience can bargain to purchase pieces from the set.  Consequently, the performers have to adjust to a diminishing set and the performance runs as long as there are foreign objects available for purchase in the parking lot.  The hyper detail was inspired by the range of materials available for manipulation in Design Lab 1.  See if you can find the bearskin rug, palm fronds and mounted moose head taxidermy in the detail shots!

Chen Gaidica Garage Sale model detail shotChen Gaidica Garage Sale model detail shotChen Gaidica Garage Sale model detail shot


Keep an eye out for the next post in the Architectural Modeling Series, which will focus on an on-campus intervention to create a unique theoretical performance space through a material exploration.