The March meeting of the Librarians’ Forum took place at the Digital Media Commons this week. Librarians from across the University had the opportunity to expand their skills and interests with several hands-on workshops designed and led by GroundWorks consultants and other DMC staff.


Here in GroundWorks, visiting librarians had a choice between two workshops: In workshop one, they scanned pre-prepared graphics, make some simple image edits in Photoshop, and animate a brief sequence in Adobe After Effects using the images they had just scanned. In workshop two, they learned how to turn a VHS tape into a .mov file on the Media Conversion rack, and then used that movie to make a video with voiceover in the Recording Booth using the program Camtasia.

In both workshops, the participants left with some new knowledge and an understanding of the many resources GroundWorks has to offer – as well as handouts containing detailed steps for the projects introduced in the workshop.