The Poster Shop at GroundWorks is equipped with a Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 5500PS inkjet printer. It on 36″ wide, roll feed, satin photo paper with a high resolution color output that produces near-magazine quality output, ideal for class or conference posters.


Printing is charged at $9 per linear foot (plus any applicable taxes), which covers the cost of paper, ink, printer maintenance, and administration. Increments of a foot are rounded up to the next one-half foot. We are unable to accept cash.

Credit Card

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or University of Michigan Purchasing Card (P-Card).

Note: If the Purchasing Card you wish to use is not your own, we will only accept payment if the card is accompanied by a signed letter from the cardholder, written on department letterhead, stating the maximum amount to be charged and the name of the individual authorized to use the card.

University Account

If you pay for your poster with a departmental account, you will be asked to provide the short code number and contact information for an administrative contact for that account. You must present a valid MCard in order to use a short code.

Printing Your Poster

You must be in the lab to submit a poster for printing as we do not accept poster printing jobs via email. After you send your print job to the print server, the GroundWorks Consultant will show you a preview of your poster on the print server’s display monitor. Carefully review the image to ensure all your images are present and that there are no problems with your text. Upon confirming this is the image you want to print, the consultant will send it to the printer. Once the printing begins, it outputs at about 5 minutes per foot. Stick around and watch the first 5-6 inches come out of the printer to ensure that it looks the way you expect. At this point, you are responsible for the cost of the print.

This service is strictly “first come, first served,” starting from the time your file arrives in the print server queue. We recommend printing a couple of days ahead of your deadline, which will provide you with enough time to troubleshoot or re-create your poster, if needed. The GroundWorks consultants make their best effort to print your file, although technical problems may occur, and we can not guarantee results in every circumstance.

Poster Templates for Adobe Illustrator

Here are some prefabricated poster template files created for Adobe Illustrator. The files are cross-platform and work on both Mac and PC. Simply open the file with Adobe Illustrator, paste in your text, and place your image files.

Not comfortable with Illustrator? Sign up for “Creating Professional-looking Conference Posters”, a free workshop offered at least once a month during Fall & Winter terms.

Standard Poster Templates
GIEU Trifold Templates (Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates)
UROP & SROP 32″ x 40″ Poster Templates