All resources at the GroundWorks are available on a first-come, first-served basis, free-of-charge to University students, faculty, and staff, with the exception of poster printing, which is provided at cost. We’re particularly proud of our consultants, a very knowledgeable staff of student employees available to answer your questions and solve multimedia mysteries. Whether you are creating a movie, recording a presentation, making a poster for a conference or creating the next great work of digital art, GroundWorks has all the tools you need and the knowledgable staff to make sure you can create the best project possible.

The current GroundWorks and staff hours are listed in the sidebar to the rightbellow.

Available In Lab
Additional Services

Available In Lab

GroundWorks has Macs, PCs and dual-boot computers outfitted with multimedia software packages and a variety of peripherals. Four stations are equipped with graphics tablets, ten stations have scanners attached to them and eleven stations have two monitors to ease video editing.

If you are looking to learn how to use multimedia software, we have a subscription to in the lab. Lynda is a paid service that has a plethora of high quality tutorial videos for learning everything from iMovie to Final Cut Pro to Microsoft Excel. To log into Lynda in GroundWorks, click on the shortcut on the desktop or launch an internet browser and click on the logo on the home page.

For more information about what software is available, please read our complete software list.


Document feed scanner

The scanners in GroundWorks are setup to scan a variety of document types. In addition to regular flatbed scanners  (8.5 in. x 11 in. as well as 11 in. x 17 in.), four of the scanners can be outfitted with slide trays or negative holders for scanning a variety of film formats. Two of our scanners are document feed scanners, meaning you can put in a stack of documents and they will automatically scan both sides of all the papers in the stack. Finally we have an 18 in. x 24 in. flatbed scanner, perfect for art and architecture students looking to scan large artwork or images.

Media Conversion

Close up image of the media conversion racks

Since many people still have recordings in older analog and digital formats, GroundWorks has two well-equipped conversion racks. These enable you to convert from VHS to DVD, audio cassette to CD, DV tape to Quicktime files and much more.

Check out our complete list of supported formats.

Poster Printing

The Poster Shop in GroundWorks is a paid service for University members. The current hours are listed in the sidebar to the rightbellow. For more information on pricing and what we offer visit the Poster Shop page.

Additional Services

In addition to the services the GroundWorks Media Lab offers there are a number of other tools and rooms available after either attending an orientation or contacting us ahead of time. They are still available for anyone in the university to use, but are more tailored to specific tasks.

Recording Booth

A view of the interior of the Recording Booth

The Recording Booth is a sound isolated booth with video and audio recording equipment insides allowing you to record voice overs, presentations or even some music. It is available by reservation only. For additional information about the rooms capabilities and how to get access, click here.

Multimedia Rooms

The editing equipment in one of the Multimedia Workrooms

The Multimedia Rooms are three high powered editing rooms available whenever the Duderstadt Center is open. Beyond providing a quiet working environment, the rooms have a number of extra features including Mac Pros with substantial RAM and processing power, high fidelity audio monitors, three displays, Blu-Ray burners, and keyboards labeled with Final Cut Pro shortcuts. You can even make a reservation when you need to render your video project, then lock the door behind you, eliminating the need to babysit the computer during the least-fun part of editing. They are reservable spaces, available to University student, faculty, and staff upon completion of the Digital Media Commons Orientation.

For more information click here.

Advanced Podcasting Room

The Advanced Podcasting Room is an all-in-one solution for recording video podcasts. A teleprompter, HD video camera, touch screen, and drawing tablet (for annotation) will aid you in creating a professional looking podcast, ready for upload as soon as you stop recording. Training and tours of the Advanced Podcasting Room are available by appointment and take about 30 minutes.

Contact to arrange a visit.

For more information click here.

Equipment Checkout

In addition to all the facilities in the Duderstadt Center there are kits available exclusively for class project use. These include still camera kits, video cameras kits, lights and tripods.

For more information click here.