There are three special editing rooms, known as the Multimedia Workrooms, that are available whenever the Duderstadt Center is open. They’re outfitted with the same loadset and editing setup that’s on the Mac video editing stations in GroundWorks – but better! The computers are faster, the displays are bigger (and there’s three of them) and they have a few extras, like Blu-Ray burners and keyboards labeled with Final Cut Pro shortcuts.

They’re perfect for when you have a big project to work on and need a little peace and quiet, or if you want to work with a few people without disturbing other GroundWorks users. You can even make a reservation when you need to render your video project, then lock the door behind you, eliminating the need to babysit the computer during the least-fun part of editing.

Like the VRoom, the Multimedia Workrooms are available by reservation, and the same orientation that gives you access to the Recording Booth will get you into the workrooms, too. You can reserve a workroom for up to six hours at a time.

Important: The Multimedia Workroom computers automatically wipe everything from their hard drives as soon as you log out, so it’s absolutely necessary to bring an external hard drive with you to save your work! The rooms are kept chilly to help the computers function efficiently, so bring a sweater – and don’t change the thermostat.