Advanced Training Lab

Advanced Training Labs 1 & 2 each comprise 22 student machines and an instructor machine.

When run separately, the rooms allow for instructors to deliver software instruction, and each lab is equipped with 6500 Lumen 1080p LED projectors.  When combined the rooms enable a single instructor to work with a total of 44 students, each with their own workstation. Instructor stations, as well as laptops, may be mirrored to a high resolution 1080p data projector. Video may also be projected from a Blu-Ray player or a high resolution document camera, and a wireless lavalier microphone is available in each training room for the instructor.

Dual Boot

The machines in this lab are setup as dual boot workstations, giving users the option to run either Mac OS X 10.8 or Windows 7.

The Mac OS X software in these labs matches Groundworks, and Design Lab 1 in the Digital Media Commons.  In addition to many popular Multimedia editing applications, the Mac software set includes powerful 3D software such as Maya 2014, Sketchup, ZBrush, and MODO.  Application development is also available using Xcode.

The Windows 7 software in these labs is maintained by CAEN. The CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) presents a fully featured and comprehensive engineering computing environment, specifically designed to enable ease of use and enhance the productivity of College of Engineering students. The software bundled with the CLSE includes a large set of engineering-specific applications covering a wide range of disciplines, as well as productivity applications.


Located on the third floor, these rooms are available to anyone affiliated with the University of Michigan and are equipped with up-to-date hardware and software. Reservations are required, and inquiries can be submitted using the form below. Questions regarding the Advanced Training Labs can be directed to the Duderstadt Center Scheduling Office.

Users and instructors must have a valid UM uniqname and UMICH.EDU Kerberos password in order to login. Instructors should check beforehand to ensure that current versions of the software they will use have the expected functionality. Due to time constraints and the potential risk posed by adding new software to the existing load set, we are not able to accept special software installation requests. Rare exceptions for adding new software or a different version of existing software may be made; for such consideration please direct inquiries to the Scheduling Office.

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  • Please note: For special installations, software and licensing must be provided at least two weeks before its required use.
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